Different Pricing

  • Individual Training

    Per player, Per session
    • Develop Individual skills to enhance soccer abilities
  • Two Player Training

    Bring a friend to improve together
    • Develop those skills with someone that can push you
  • Group Training

    3 -7 Players
    • Developing skills and covering tactics
  • Team Training

    8 players or more
    • Developing team cohesion and tactics

Possible Discounts

Ask before booking a session

- More than 2 siblings

-  Teacher Children


Summer Soccer Camp

Waiver and Liability 

Your child’s safety is of utmost concern.

There are certain risks arising from or related to possible exposure to communicable diseases including, but not limited to, the virus
“severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)”, which is responsible for the Coronavirus
Disease (also known as COVID-19) and/or any mutation or variation thereof (collectively referred to as
“Communicable Diseases”). I am fully aware of the hazards associated with such Communicable Diseases and
knowingly and voluntarily assume full responsibility for any and all risk of personal injury or other loss that I or my child may sustain in connection with such Communicable Diseases.

I, for myself or for my minor child(ren) or ward(s), and on behalf of my/our heirs, assigns, beneficiaries,
executors, administrators, personal representatives, and next of kin, HEREBY EXPRESSLY RELEASE, HOLD
HARMLESS, AND FOREVER DISCHARGE Dynamic Futbol Academy. and its officers, officials,
agents, representatives, employees, other participants, sponsors, advertisers, and, if applicable, owners and
lessors of premises upon which Dynamic Futbol Academy related events and activities take place (the
“Released Parties”), from any and all claims, demands, suits, causes of action, losses, and liability of any kind
whatsoever, whether in law or equity, arising out of or related to any ILLNESS, INJURY, DISABILITY, DEATH,
OR OTHER DAMAGES incurred due to or in connection with any Communicable Diseases, WHETHER
permitted by law.

It is our policy to notify a parent when a child needs medical attention; however, in the event of an emergency, we might need to seek immediate help. In that case we would notify you and/or your emergency contact person as soon as possible. By filling out this form, you give your permission for any and all medical attention to be administered to your child in the event of accident, injury, sickness, etc., under the direction of the staff of Dynamic Futbol Academy until such time as you can be contacted. You also agree to assume responsibility for the payment of any such treatment (including ambulance service and hospital/ physician bills) and to release the staff of Dynamic Futbol Academy from any liability related to the emergency treatment.

MEDICAL RELEASE: In the event my child suffers sudden illness, accident, or injury and neither parent nor emergency contact person can be contacted, I give permission for any emergency treatment that is deemed necessary by a licensed physician. 

Social Media Release

Staff photographers and videographers will be on site taking photos and video of various activities. By Filling out this form, you are indicating that you understand that your child’s photo or video maybe used for promotional materials and that you are accepting this condition without compensation.


Thank You. Payment Information will be sent to you within 24-48 hours via Paypal.


Procedures for entering

-Infrared thermometer will scan each athlete to make
sure they do not have a fever.

- truthfully answer a few covid pre screening questions.

- No hugging, chest bumps, close team huddles on or off the court and lastly, no sitting/standing
close together on or off the court. We must practice social distancing of 6 ft as much as

- We have covid safety protocols in place for the athletes as well regarding how the facility is

- All participants must bring their own water bottles, as the drinking fountains will be shut off.

- All rails, door handles and any other surfaces will be cleaned throughout the day to protect your
players. Soccer balls will also be wiped down after practice has concluded


-There will be sanitizing stations set up outside the bathrooms for players to use.

20-30 seconds of hand washing with soap and water during scheduled breaks.

-Please use every other sink and every other bathroom stall
to keep social distancing in place.

-Your child’s safety is the #1 concern for us. This is why we ask that, for now, parents do not attend practices to keep the number of people as low as possible in an enclosed space.