College Showcase Team Information


       This team is for the player that has intention on playing in college or higher. We train 3-4 days a week including games and friendlies vs high level competition. Practices are 3:30pm-5pm at North Tampa Christian Academy. Each player will be given the opportunity to be seen in front of several college coaches and will be given the tools to be recruited.

       We believe that constant training is vital to player development and a typical 2 days a week is not enough. With our training style of futsal and field sessions we make sure our players are ready for real game situations. We teach players to think for themselves and not be directed what to do by their coach. If there are any questions about the program please feel free to contact Coach Rivers and see if this program is a good fit for you or your child. Our program is not for everybody, only the committed. 


Benefits of the Program:

  • Player Evaluations

  • Player Profile

  • Recruitment Video

  • College Recruitment Training

  • Tournament Play

  • College Mentorship 

Coach Rivers Contact Info: or 813.970.3493

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